Science of Realms Uploaded 2024-05-05
A platformer where you're a trapped scientist with the ability to transition between realms. Created by myself, Tarsin, Neonix, Yan, Kay, and Andrew, for the GoedWare Game Jam #11

Otherworldy Relics Uploaded 2023-04-30
A turn based puzzle game with tactics and story. Created by myself, Tarsin, Kay, and Lockneff, for the April 2023 Game Develop Month Game Jam.

Spacelane Sweeper Uploaded 2021-07-10
A game jam submission created by myself, Tarsin, and Lockneff.

Glitch Garden Uploaded 2021-05-09
A "Plants Vs. Zombies" clone, created following Udemy Tutorials. Music, art, and some sound assets provided by Glitch Game. Death sounds created by "Dan Knoflicek", Defeat sound by "AppPro", Fonts by "Emily Spadoni", and "Petra 2014"

Laser Defender Uploaded 2021-04-19
A bullet hell, top down shooter, I made following Udemy Tutorials. Music by "Jub-Jub the Idiot Boy". Art and sound effects from Keenny Assets.

Ben Wakes up from a Coma Uploaded 2021-04-19
A simple text adventure game, I made from Udemy tutorials. It has one win state, can you find it?

Certificate showing completeion of the udemy course I did to create these projects.