How to play Rechrysalis


The green number in the top left displays your life. In the top right is the AI's life. The first to 0 life loses. When units are in range of their opponent's units, they will attack. When an attack hits, the targeted unit loses some HP, and the side controlling the target, loses some life.

Units and the Controller

You don't move units individually. You move a controller, and all your units are attached to it. The controller can be forcably moved by right clicking. Or press "A" then left click will attack move. The controller will stop attack moving if any of its units are in attack range. Pressing spacebar will stop the controller from moving. Units can only attack when the controller is not moving.

Bonus damage

Each unit is one of 3 elements, as indicated by the coloured side of a triangle on the unit. Each element deals bonus damage to the element in the clockwise direction of the triangle. So a red unit deals bonus damage to a yellow one, yellow beats green, and green beats red.


When a units HP bar reaches 0 from attacks (not the player life bar). The unit becomes a chrysalis and cannot attack. After a short timer, it's life begins to restore. When its life is fully restored, it becomes a unit again and can attack. Chrysalis's take bonus damage from all unit elements.


With every attack, a unit also generates mana. When enough mana is gained, a yellow orb appears on the unit representing a skillshot. You may fire the skillshot to gain resources. Total resources are indicated by the yellow number below your life. If the skillshot hits the enemy controller, additional resources are also gained, and the controller cannot move for a short duration. Skillshots are fired by pressing "Q" for unit 1, or "W" for unit 2, and left clicking.


You can use your resources metamorph a unit, changing it's element and bonus damage type. Press "T", "G", or "B" then select the unit.


You can use your resources to upgrade a unit, by pressing "R", "F", or "V", then selecting the unit. This greatly increases an attribute for the unit, and also slightly increases it's damage while in a specific element.


Range: the unit has further range when attacking other units.
Attack: The unit deals increased damage with attacks.
Defence: The unit takes less damage from attacks.
Skillshot Root: The unit's skillshot roots the enemy controller for much longer. This it also increases the delay until you can follow it up with another skillshot.
Mana Cost: The skillshot for that unit costs lesss mana.

Because there is always a timer when a chrysalis first starts, and to make the most of your units HP. It is often better to start evolutions when a chrysalis is already in progress.

Attack Priority

Units will automatically prioritize attacking enemy units they deal bonus damage to. They will also prioritze units over chrysalis's. You can tell them to focus a specific unit they deal bonus dmg to by pressing "D" then clicking the enemy unit. Or you can tell them to focus a unit regarldess of what element it is by pressing "S" then clicking the enemy unit.