How to play Rechrysalis


You play as what's called a controller, battling the AI controller. Each controller is represented by the small red squiggly shape in the center of the two hexegon's. Each controller has life, represented by the green number in the top of the screen; left for the player, and right for the AI. When one side's life reaches 0, they lose. You move the controller with the mouse. Right click to move, and press spacebar to stop. Pressing "A" then left clicking, will tell your controller to move to that location but stop when your units are in range of opponent units.


Currently 2 Units follow each controller, units attack enemy units if they are in range and their controller is not moving. You can also move units forward and backward by clicking and dragging on them. As units attack, they build mana, and when they've charged enough mana a yellow orb appears beside them. You can then use the mana to fire a skill shot by pressing "Q" or "W" and click to aim the skill shot.

Skill shots and resources

Skill shots are projectiles that travel from the controller that fires them. If they hit the enemy controller they have bonus effects. Unlike unit attacks, they can be dodged. Initially firing a skillshot generates resources. Each controller's resources are indicated by the yellow number in the top of the screen. Left for the player, and right for the AI. If the skill shot hits the enemy controller, it generates bonus resources. If the controller's current resources are over a threshold(currently 75) when the skillshot hits, those resources are used to damage the enemy controller's life. If a skillshot misses, the one who fired the skillshot loses some resources if they are above the threshold.

Using resources to change a Unit

You can also use your resources change a unit's element, or making it stronger. All units deal bonus damg to one of three other unit elements in a rock paper scissors fashion, represented by the sides of a triangle. With bonuses travellilng counterclockwise. pressing "T", "G" or "B", then clicking the unit, changes it's element. You can also make a unit stronger by increasing one of 3 stats for each unit, by pressing "R", "F", or "V" then clicking the unit.

Unit regeneration

Whenever you change a unit, or it dies, it cannot attack, after a short timer, it enters a regeneration mode, where it regens its missing HP (health which was lost from enemy unit's attacks). When it's HP is full, it becomes a unit again, with any new changes, and can continue to attack.


At any point press escape to pause the game, and see the controls legend, or start a new level.