How to play Rechrysalis


The beekeeper is your controller which you can move by right clicking. The bees are unit's which follow the controller around.

Unit's will attack enemy units when they are in range and their controller is not moving.

Unit attacks damage the enemy unit's HP. When a unit's HP reaches 0 that unit temporarly dies and the controller loses some life. The first controller to reach 0 life loses. Life is the green number in the top of the screen. Left side for the player, right side for the computer.

When a unit's attack hit's the enemy, some mana is generated for the controller. When a controller has enough mana, that controller can fire a skill shot. Skill shot charges are indicated by yellow orbs around each unit.

"Q", "W", and "E", fire each unit's skill shot. When a skillshot fires it generates some resources. If it collides with the enemy controller, it generates additional resources.

Resources can be used to upgrade unit's or change their element, and also damage life with skill shots. Resources are the yellow number blow life.

You can change a unit's element by pressing the "T"(red), "G"(yellow), or "B"(green) key, and clicking on a unit.

Unit's can deal bonus damage if their target's element is counterclockwise on the triangle of colours relative to theirs. Red beats yellow, yellow beats green, green beats red.

You can upgrade a unit, by pressing "R", "F", or "V" and clicking a unit. Upgrades have different affects depending on the upgrade and the unit. An upgrade will boost units after firing that unit's skill shot for a duration. Some upgrades boost all units, some only the unit the upgrade is linked to.


Pressing "C" and clicking will cause the controller to move, and stop moving when any units are in attack range.

Pressing "A" and left clicking will cause the controller to move, and stop moving when all units are in attack range.

Spacebar will stop the controller from moving.

If a controller has a enough resources when their skill shot hits, some of the resources are used to damage the enemy controller's life. Also the controller it collides with is rooted and cannot move for a short duration.

Controllers start with extra free resources at the beginning, which can be used to upgrade or change an element before generating any from skill shots.

You can move unit's forward or back, by clicking on a unit and dragging it.

Unit Upgrades:

Unit 1 (green and purple bee):
Range, all: Increases the attack range for all units.
Attack, all: Increases the attack damage for all units.
Resources, all: Increases the resource generation for skill shots for all units.

Unit 2 (pink bee):
Range, all: Increases the attack range for all units.
Defence, all: Decreases the damage all units take from attacks.
Root, all: Increase the skill shot root duration for all units.

Unit 3 (green cyclops bee):
Range, self: Increases the attack range for that unit.
Speed, controller: Increases the controller movement speed.
Attack, self: Increase the attack damage for that unit.


At any point press escape to pause the game, and see the controls legend, or start a new level.