How to Play Rechrysalis


You are the controller. You can click the map to continuously move in that direction, and your unit(s) will follow you. Your units cannot attack while moving. But if you press the controller, represented by the black X in the center, you will stop moving, so your units can attack.


Your units and enemy units will trade attacks, damaging each others life. When all the enemy units are defeated a new wave of enemies will appear until that level is cleared. After which, you will arrive at the screen which allows you to customize your comp.

Rotating Units

You can rotate units around the controller by dragging on a unit, or the ring between units. Units can attack while rotating.

Unit death and Upgrading

When one of your own units dies, it turns into a chrysalis to regrow into the unit again. Try not to let your chrysalis get attacked as they are vunlerable. You can tap a unit or chrysalis to upgrade it to its advanced unit form. This cost mana, which replenishes over time during combat.

Controller Health

When one of your chrysalii takes damage, your controller also loses health. This is the green bar on the top of the screen. When that reaches 0, you lose a life token. When those reach 0, it's game over.

Comp Customization

The comp customizer screen allows you to drag upgrades between the store, and your composition. The centre box is the store, with 4 options to choose from. Note with the current build, for testing purposes, there is no limitation to items you can gain from the store.

The bottom box is your composition. This allows up to 3 units. Each unit is represented by a vertical column.

Unit templates are the colourful sprites representing the units. A unit is available when you drag a unit template to one of the 3 columns in your comp. You can only have one unit template in a unit.

You can upgrade the advanced form of a unit with the advanced upgrades, indicated by a "+", improving one of its stats.

You can have as many advanced upgrades on a unit as you want, but it will increase its mana cost.

There are also hatch effects, these are indicated by the "(HE)" In the name. Hatch effects become active when that advanced unit finishes, and buff all current active units.

Hatch effects have life which is lost when that unit takes damage, and the Hatch Effect life drains over time, giving them a short duration.

Hatch effects also increase the mana cost of that unit.

Hearts tokens can be dropped onto the comp to replenish lost controller life tokens.