Previous Rechrysalis patches:

Version 30014 2023-06-15
-AoE damage from the AoE hatch effect radiates from the controller, not the unit.
-Greatly increased all hatch effect durations.

Version 30013 2023-06-08
-All hatch effects begin on chrysalis start, not unit start.

Version 30012 2023-05-18
-Added icons representing each hatch effect's effect type. These are always visible on a unit which has a hatch effect, and light up green when that unit's hatch effects are active.
-Made the hatch effect text when a hatch effect is active invisible (this is no longer needed with the addition of the icons).
-Made the debug text invisible.
-Debug text is now not interactable and should not interfere with UI interaction.
-Repositioned the in game controller unit's names.
-Balance changes (That goes without saying, even when not mentioned in the patch notes).

Version 30011 2023-05-11
-Active units now increase all damage dealt to either units, or chrysalis. Shorter range units increase more damage vs units, and longer range units increase damage vs chrysalis.
-Added AoE Hatch Effect, which deals damage over a duration to enemies in range of the unit it hatched from.
-Added +range hatch effect, which increases the range of your units during the hatch effect.
-Added +build speed hatch effect, which increases the build speed of your chrysalii, during the hatch effect duration.
-Fixed bug of enemy free units not turning into chrysalii on death.
-Fixed debug text blocking interaction with the continue button in targeting mode.
-Fixed build time not being affected by unit hp.

Version 3001 2023-05-10
-Added new game mode options at the start screen. Allowing testing of different modes
-Infinity mode is the new mode I'm testing, where building units does not cost mana (units cost mana toggle). Units have only one form, instead of basic and advanced (basic unit exists toggle). Build time is linear based on health but never instant (health to build time linear dropdown). And hatch effects always happen on unit construction.
-(Customize only HE toggle) Grants you one only hatch effect, and one unit, in each comp customization screen.
-(Only one HE toggle) Makes it so that in the comp customizer, when you drag a hatch effect to a parent unit, the old hatch effects moves to the selection window.
-Hyper mana mode is the old mode where units cost mana. Build time is based on tiers and can be instant. And units have basic and advanced forms.
-You now start the game with 3 weak units, each with 1 weak hatch effect.
-Added some debug text to the game for pinpointing bugs in WebGL.
-In the comp customizer screen, dragging a unit to the comp window, moves the old unit in that slot back to the selection window.
-The +speed hatch effect no longer only ticks down while the controller is moving.

Version 30008 2023-03-30
-Free enemies now turn into chrysalis when they die. You must kill the chrysalis before it re-hatches into a new full life unit. The chrysalis's life is persistent.
-Units now build faster, if their hp is higher, when you evolve them into an Advanced Unit. 50% faster at > 33% hp, instant at > 66% hp.
-Hatch effects no longer take damage when the unit they belong to takes damage. They also disappear when the unit dies.
-player unit HP bars change colours at 33% and 66% HP.
-Added a particle effect for when units hatch.
-A percent of all enemy units in each wave will be focus fire units, and tinted red.
-Now killing Enemy Free Units, progresses a level progress bar in the top right. Replacing the enemy health bar which depleted when units spawned.
-The "+Speed Advanced Upgrade", now only depletes it duration while the controller is moving.
-Fixed a bug where controls were not working during the screen flash, after your controller had taken damage.
-Enemy Free Unit horizontal position, is relative to the maps bounds, not the controllers position.
-Balance adjustments.

Version 30007 2023-03-23
-Added a burst heal Advanced Upgrade, which heals all friendly units when the unit hatches.
-Attacks must now be in range of a target to begin charging up, and will always launch unless the attacking unit moves, regardless of the targets range.
-Every level, 4 random enemy units are generated to compose the enemy units for the waves of that level.
-The enemy controller now has life, indicated on the top right. It is now drained to spawn waves of enemy units. The level is won when the controller life reaches 0, and there are no more enemies left.
-Fixed the bug where you could not interact with "Target only during target mode" in the menu. (it is currently disabled by default. It was enabled in the previous patch.)

Version 30006 2023-03-20
-Added target only during target mode to the menu, which prevents targeting enemy units while outside targeting mode, allowing you to click on them to move in that direction on the map.
-You can now scroll to move the camera in targeting mode, and returning to normal mode is done through the "Continue" button.
-Interacting with the menu does not interact with the game. This means you can click the menu button without commanding your controller to move.
-You can now customize a unit with multiple hatch effects. Multiples of the same type will increase the duration. If a unit with a hatch effect hatches before it's old hatch effect has ended, the strength of the effect will still stack.
-Added a "Siege" advanced upgrade, which greatly increases the strength of that unit, but roots your controller in place for a short duration, immediately after hatching.
-Added a "Sacrifice" advanced upgrade, which greatly increases the strength of that unit, but damages your controller life, immediately after hatching.
-Added a "+Move Speed" advanced upgrade, which increased your controller move speed, for a short duration, immediately after hatching.
-Dragging a unit outside the unit ring, always rotates the unit ring to the proper angle, when the angle is close to the unit.
-Improved the way the difference between retreat and advanced movement speeds are calculated.
-Fixed a bug where the game would unpause after your controller had taken damage, and you had entered targeting mode, or the menu.

Version 30005 2023-03-14
How To Play
-You can now swipe down on the controller, to enter targeting mode. Where the game pauses, and you can select the enemies to focus fire. Swiping up in this mode returns the game to normal.
-Progress bars now appear above each unit, indicating chrysalis construction progress, and attack charge up, and wind down timers.
-There is now a short pause where the screen flashes red to emphasize when the controller has taken damage.
-When a level starts, your basic units start off as chrysalii.
-The indicator showing how you are rotating the unit ring displays current units.
-balance adjustments.

Version 300041 2023-03-06
-Fixed a bug where the timescale was not set back to normal after returning to the start from the a game level.
-Fixed a bug where Units could not upgrade immediately after the level started.
-All Advanced Upgrades now add a small amount of dps to the Advanced Unit.
-Added the "HEEffect" Advanced Upgrade, which increases the strength of the Hatch Effect on that unit.
-Added the "HEDuration" Advanced Upgrade, which greatly increases the duration of the Hatch Effect on that unit, but reduces its strength.

Version 30004 2023-03-02
-Your current comp persists unless you start a new game.
-Added a level select to the main menu (only visible on portrait mobile).
-Added a menu button in the gameplay level, which brings up the option to return to the start screen.
-The custom customization screen allows you to select from all possible upgrades.
-Shrunk the game so more fits in the screen.

Version 30003 2023-03-01
-Enemy units which are tinted red will focus fire your units and chrysalii based on priority.
-Additional Advanced Upgrades, and Hatch Effects increase your starting mana.
-Unit ring interaction size increase, and camera position adjustments.

Version 30002 2023-01-12
-Advanced units have a shorter build time than their basic counterparts, and advanced unit upgrades, and hatch effects, further reduce that build time.
-Damage to a chrysalis no longer damages the unit being built.
-The controller, and enemy units now block each others movement.
-The controller and enemy units are bound to the sides of the map horizontally.
-Enemy units are bound within a box above the controller, preventing them from going below or or too far to the sides.
-Added an advanced upgrade, that reduces that advanced units mana cost.
-Balance changes

Version 300016 2023-01-10
-Game has been rewritten from the ground up. To see summary of how to play, please see How To Play.

Version 20021 2022-04-17
-Added a button to enter town, where you can drag units around to buy, sell, store, and equip them.
-In town, the top left area is the store where you can buy and sell units (currently free), the bottom left area is your comp of units; the bottom 3 units in your comp are the basic units, and the two above each of those are the advanced units for each of those basic units. The top right area is your inventory. And the bottom right area is a description of the last selected unit.
-You can scroll the inventory and store by dragging in the area behind the units.
-Controller HP bars are no longer intractable.

Known bugs:
Does not work on mobile.

Version 200112 2022-01-23
-Fixed the bug where the mana costs were not set properly when the core was selected at the start screen.

Version 20011 2022-01-23
-You can now select from several cores (compositions of units), at the start of the match.

Version 20008 2022-01-23
-Unit description, and info, is now displayed when you click and hold on a unit, then it's upgrade icon. This also works during pause, and the same thing works for AI unit's during pause.
-A unit which drains it's own life to generate mana has been added.
-A very expensive medium range unit has been added.
-All stats have been adjusted.
-AI units can now upgrade to both their advanced units, depending on the mana the AI has.
-Unit range indicator circles are now the proper sizes.
-Changed player unit range circle indicator graphic to white.

Version 20007 2022-01-21
-You now rotate the unit ring by dragging the ring area in between your units.
-Upgrade icons are now in a column to the right of the controller.
-Added the ability to change to a basic unit, this is now upgrade 1. Upgrades 2 and 3 are now for advanced units.
-Basic units which cost mana do not begin construction unless manually activated, and start the game as chrysalii.
-The shortest range basic unit has been changed to a unit which costs mana (same stats as an advanced unit), to test basic units which cost mana.
-AI controller health lowered.

Version 200061 2022-01-21
-Added a menu to the bottom right, which pauses, and unpauses the game. Further functionality to the menu will be added later.

Version 20006 2022-01-07
-Fixed bug where units would not shoot when controller tried to move past map out of bounds.
-Controller now rotates to face an enemy unit at any range.
-Increased upgrade icon sizes.
-Increased range of all units.
-Mobile game window is now larger.

Version 200051 2021-11-28
-Changed map to be circular, and added an out of bounds.
-AI now rotates advanced units away from the player.
-Added a delay to pressing the start button.
-Added a second advanced unit for each unit, costing 200 mana, and having more damage and HP.
-Advanced units have the same sprite as their basic unit.
-Balance changes to units and controllers.

Version 200041 2021-11-27
-Added a start button on scene load, pausing the game until it's pressed.
-Balance changes to units and controllers.

Version 200031 2021-11-20
-AI controller target prioritizes target unit based on HP and unit priority, eliminating the bug causing the AI to rotate very quickly. AI unit's will attack the controller's current target if they are in range.

Version 20002 2021-09-11
-Controllers and unit sizes increased.
-AI now upgrades the lowest HP basic unit when they have sufficient mana.
-Chrysalis's no longer take damage(the controller still takes damage from attacks made to chrysalis's).
-Refactor of Game Object hierarchy, could in theory improve performance.

Version 20001 2021-09-03
How to play
-I have been rewriting Rechrysalis from scratch recently, and uploaded to see if everything is working. the code from the previous version was quite bad. This new version has different but less features currently. You can see more in the how to play.
Known bugs:

-The AI will sometimes quickly switch between attacking two units making the camera shake undesirably.
-Unit HP bar fills shrink from the centre, and grow after becoming a chrysalis.

Version 10314 2021-02-06
-Fixed a bug, where clicking a unit where the upgrade button would appear, would cause the unit to upgrade before releasing the mouse.

Version 10313 2021-02-04
-The camera has been rotated 90 degrees so forward is to the right instead of up. This allows greater vision for default aspect ratios.
-The aspect ratio of the game window is now 960x350 so it fits well in the screen on mobile devices. You may prefer to enter full screen on computers.

Version 10311 mobile in portrait view. 2021-01-31
-The game view with a 617x900 resolution for playing in portrait mode on mobile.

Version 10311 2021-01-30
-fixed some unit customizer unit info.
-Not all skill shots generate mana now. Only the intended one.

Version 1031 2021-01-30
How to Play
-Many elements have been redesigned.
-Currently 3 units to choose from.
-Units start in a basic form. You can upgrade them to an advanced unit, which increases their stats and sometimes allows the use of an ability while they are alive.
-Upgrading to advanced units now cost mana, which units generate with attacks. Skill shots do not cost mana. You get a set number of skill shots per that advanced unit's life. Most skill shots are not intended to generate mana, but usually damage a set amount of life. Or boost stats temporarily.
-When a unit dies it automatically returns to it's basic form.
-Controls have been reworked, so they game can be played using only left click, or touch controls on mobile devices. Most keyboard hot keys still work also.
-When you click and hold on a unit you see the icons '1', and '2', moving the mouse over one and releasing, upgrades to that advanced unit. You can also press 'r' to upgrade to advanced units.
-Double clicking a unit, fires that unit's skill shot. Or you can press: 'Q', 'W', or 'E'.
-left click command moves the way right clicking used to. A stop button is in the bottom left, stopping the controller much like spacebar.

Known bugs:
-All skill shots are generating mana. This was not intended, the one that was intended to generate mana generates less than the rest.
-AI controller is not attempting to dodge skill shots.

Bugs in unit stats in unit customitzer window:
-Mana per attack is actually the amount multiplied to damage that generates mana.
-Skill shot mana cost is not a used stat.
-Metamorph cost is not a used stat.
-Both advanced upgrades are linked to the 'R' key. Not 'R', and 'F'.

Version 1021 2021-01-22
-If you think these last few patches have been drastic changes wait till you see what I have planned for next patch.
-Upgrades are now temporary. They last until the upgraded unit has taken a set amount of damage.
-The bonus elemental damage units take no longer increases for each upgrade level of the unit taking the damage.
-Skill shots no longer deal life damage when over a life threshold.

Version 102 2021-01-19
-I'm trying a new way of unit elements working. Instead of metamorphong units to change elements, each unit on the triangle is one of 3 elements, and upgrading that units increases their elemental effect.
The elemental bonus damage units deal is not determined by the unit themselves, but using a skill shot causes all units to deal bonus damage relative to the unit the skill shot is linked to.
So firing the red unit's skill shot, will cause all your units to deal bonus damage to yellow units.
Units will automatically attack the enemy in range they deal the most damage to, unless you manually focus a specific unit with the 'S' key
-Upgrades do 3 things now:
-Upgrades cause a boost effect like they did before, increasing stats for one, or all allied units.
-Upgrades cause all your units to deal bonus damage to one specific element during the boost, as mentioned above.
-Upgrading a unit causes that unit to take increased damage from the element that causes bonus damage to it. So the more you upgrade a single unit, the more vulnerable it becomes to focused attacks.
-Resources text now shows free starting resources in white, the text changes to yellow when all starting resources have been used.

Version 1019 2021-01-14
-Added a button to randomize computer units to the menu.
-Updated Legend
-Partly transparent UI indicator for when metamorphing an element covers the screen.
-Coloured projectiles for units, depending on their elements.
-Range circles for units now update when range changes from upgrade boosts.

Version 1018 2021-01-14
-Replaced life numbers with life bars.
-Fixed several bugs where life was not being removed properly.
-Improved the way the computer dodges.
-The computer now rotates their triangle of units.

Version 1017 2021-01-12
-3 new unit sprites!
-Fixed a bug where when using the 'A' attack move command, the controller would not stop moving until all enemy units were in attack range.
-F2 now opens the menu, in addition to escape.
-F4 toggles unit range circles without pausing.
-F8 pauses and shows info on upgrade boosts, and unit range circles.
-Enemy units now move up, and shrink in size when overlapping player units.
-The map is now a giant circle, and controllers cannot move outside it's bounds.

Version 10161 2021-01-12
-Increased skill shot mana cost to lower their frequency, and increased boost duration.
-For projectiles and skill shots, increased sprite size, and made them appear on top other sprites.
-Attack projectiles now align to the enemy target.
-Selecting a unit in the comp window now shows the proper unit description.
-Added additional stats to the unit info window.
-Several stat changes.

Version 1016 2021-01-11
-Friendly units can now be selected when overlapping enemy units.
-Enemy units can no longer be selected. Therefore the focus fire, and bonus focus fire command can currently not be used.
-Added unit description in the unit composition customizer, and more stats in the unit info.
-Made unit info and unit description text scrollable.
-Changed unit stats in an early attempt to make more diverse units. I will continue to iterate these over future patches. Only the first 6 units are currently worth using.

Version 1015 2021-01-07
-Unit's are now positioned in a triangle instead of a line.
-You can rotate the triangle by clicking a unit and dragging.

Version 1014 2021-01-05
-Added the unit composition customizer. This allows you to choose your units, and see some information about them.
-Unit's now only have 2 upgrades.
-Learned upgrades are now indicated by a number icon indicating the upgrade, and a number above it, indicating the upgrade level.
-Upgrades can how have multiple boost effects, as seen on unit 6, and unit 7.
-Please note that the legend has been out of date for a few patches, and the tutorial is not fully functioning.

Version 1013 2021-01-04
-Upgrades now increase unit damage for all units against a specific element, relative to the the unit learning the upgrade.
-Unit 1(green and purple bee): Upgrades boosts damage vs green for all units.
-Unit 2(pink scorpion bee): Upgrades boost damage vs red for all units.
-Unit 3(green cyclops bee): Upgrades boost damage vs yellow for all units.

Version 1012 2021-01-03
How to Play
-Changed the 3rd player unit to unit type 3.
-Unit 3 has a new upgrade, controller speed. This increases the controller move speed for a duration after firing that unit's skillshot.
-Added the ability for upgrades to boost either all unit's or only the one that it's linked to. Unit's 1 and 2's boosts affect all units, unit 3's boosts only affects itself.

Version 1011 2021-01-01
-Pressing the "C" key and left clicking, causes the controller to attack move and stop when any unit is in range of attacking.
-Pressing the "A" key and left clicking, causes the controller to attack move and stop moving when all units are in range of attacking.
-All skillshots use the same mana pool, instead of having a separate one for each unit.
-Added a 3rd unit.
-Better functionality of mouse clicking on units.
-Skillshots now automatically aim at the enemy controller.
-Holding right click will continuously set a move to destination.
-You now start with extra resources which can be used to upgrade or change the element of your units but do not cause damage with skillshots.
-Lowered projectile speed.

Version 10091 2020-07-10
How to Play
-Controller no longer moves when all units are Chrysalis's, and one is in attack range of an enemy.
-Balance changes.

Version 1009 2020-07-08
How to Play
-Added colourful new bee themed sprites.

Version 1008 2020-07-07
How to Play
-Added an in game tutorial which explains the basic controls.

Version 1007 2020-07-02
How to Play
-Skill shots now damage the enemy controller when they hit it if your resources are above a threshold (currently 75). The particle effects change when this happens.
-Skill shots that expire without hitting the enemy controller lose a percent of resources if you are above the threshold.

Version 1006 2020-06-28
How to Play
-Changed camera position
-AI's reaction to dodge skillshots is based on the current level.

Version 1005 2020-06-26
How to Play
-Added a menu, with different levels.
-Changed unit positions relative to controller.
-Increased game speed.
-You can now slide units forward and backward in position by dragging the mouse on a unit. The AI will do this as well.

Version 10042 2020-05-14
How to Play
-Added an in game legend showing hotkeys.
-each unit now has 3 different upgrades. Each which Increases an attribute, and slightly increases their damage while in an element.

-Attack Damage (unit 1): Increases the unit's outgoing attack damage.
-Unit Defence (unit 2): Reduces incoming damage unit receives.
-Attack Range (unit 1, and unit 2): Increased attack range for the unit.
-Skillshot root (unit 1): Greatly increases the root duration for that unit's skillshot. This also increases the delay after until you can fire the next skillshot.
-Skillshot Mana cost: Reduces the mana cost needed for firing that unit's skillshot.

Version 1003 2020-05-12
How to Play
-Fixed a bug where unit bonus damage element was set wrong on unit metamorph. This means that in all previous versions, units deal the wrong bonus damage after metamorph.
-Added attack prioritization. Units will now choose their targets with every attack when in range of more than one unit.
-AI dodges projectiles at a safer angle.
-various stat changes.
-AI now has less life than the player.

Attack targets are prioritized as follows:

1: target is the main focus
2: target receives bonus damage, and is the bonus focus.
3: target receives bonus damage.
4: target is the bonus focus
5: target is a unit.
6: target is a chrysalis.

Note that you can set the main focus target by pressing "D" and left clicking an enemy unit.
You can set the bonus focus target by pressing "S" and left clicking an enemy unit.
This allows you to focus fire targets in addition to targets already being smart and choosing good targets.
Main focus will tell them to focus that target regardless.
Bonus focus will tell them to focus that target above other targets that receive the same bonus damage.

Version 1002 2020-05-11
How to Play
-AI now attack moves towards you.
-Sprites have been made more obvious.
-Upgrades are more expensive but impactful.
-Stat changes intended to make the game more balanced but also more challenging in ways.